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Why a Dragonfly?

Why A Dragonfly?

For me, the dragonfly symbolizes the transformation that can take place as people grow and change.

My first personal encounter with dragonflies was on a canoe trip to the Boundary Waters area over 20 years ago.  The trip happened to be when dragonflies were emerging and unfurling their wings - a very delicate process that was fascinating to watch.  Most were successful, but a few died in the process.

I am fascinated by dragonflies because they change so dramatically - changing from underwater nymphs into flying insects of considerable beauty and skill.  I like to think of people growing and changing - sometimes as completely and as gracefully as the dragonfly.  My role is like that of a midwife - I assist and may  facilitate the process; but, in reality, the process belongs to the individual (or dragonfly).